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2015 Veterans Organization Photos

– Visit to VFW National Home for Children –

This is the 90th year anniversary of this wonderful facility and program located in Eaton Rapids, Michigan. Michael is a Life Member of the VFW and because of the donations Michael has personally made to this facility he is also a Life Member of the National Home program. Michael went to visit the facility with his friends: Hank who is not a veteran and Johnny who is an Air Force Vietnam Veteran. Jeri gave us a great tour and we saw everything. The place is beautiful and helps so many veteran families it is a great cause to support. Check out the website: Saturday, 12 Sept 2015.

– Oakland County 9/11 Memorial in Pontiac, Michigan –
Michael helped on this 9/11 Memorial project to build the OAKLAND COUNTY 9/11 MEMORIAL located in Pontiac, Michigan (in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan.) This Memorial was built to Honor and Remember the Heroes of 9/11 and includes dirt and rocks from Shanksville, PA for Flight 93, a piece of metal from the World Trade Center twin towers from Manhattan, New York, and a piece of stone from the Pentagon building in Washington, D.C./Arlington, VA. Michael was asked to supply photos he had collected over the years from 9/11 and also to write the story captions for Flight 93 and The Pentagon. The Oakland County 9/11 Memorial Committee honored Michael by including both of his story captions (if you mouse click on and enlarge the photos, where I am pointing to the wording, you should be able to read what I wrote) and using 14 of the images he supplied out of the 16 images used on the Memorial. Michael was invited to the Dedication and was very proud and pleased to attend. The Dedication was very well done and the Memorial came out beautifully, congratulations to all who helped to get it done. Photos are of the Memorial during the day and also in the evening during the Dedication ceremony. Pontiac, Michigan – Friday, 11 September 2015 at 7PM.
– DAV July/August Issue – Cold War Memorial Article –

Michael was also Assistant Chairman of the Memorial project to build the SILENT HEROES OF THE COLD WAR NATIONAL MEMORIAL located at the Spring Mountains Visitor Gateway on Mount Charleston near Las Vegas, Nevada. This Memorial was built to honor and remember the Military Service members of the United States who served during the Cold War (Michael served in the U. S. Marine Corps during the Cold War) and the Secret Operatives who worked to win the Cold War. At the same time we also built a USAF #9068 MONUMENT to remember the fourteen U-2 Government Operatives who died in the 17 November 1955 plane crash on Mount Charleston, Nevada. The Memorials are located in the U. S. Forest Service’s Spring Mountains Visitor Gateway Recreational Area near the crash site. The U. S. Government and the State of Nevada have designated this new Memorial to be a “National Park.” Michael helped with finalizing the design, putting together the donation request packets, setup the partnership and sponsorship with the American Legion, and contacted major Las Vegas Casinos for donations to build the Memorial. With the help of donations from the community we completed and dedicated the Memorial on 29 May 2015. For more information, to donate to our maintenance fund, and to get involved please visit: The SILENT HEROES OF THE COLD WAR NATIONAL MEMORIAL in the Las Vegas Area, Nevada

-Dinner and Dedication of Cold War National Memorial-
Over the last 5+ years Post Commander Michael L. Emerson has been donating his time and expertise to help design and build the “Silent Heroes of the Cold War National Memorial” at Mt. Charleston in Las Vegas, Nevada. Michael, as a member of the Committee, worked with the founder Steve Ririe and the other Committee members to build this beautiful Memorial to honor and remember all Cold War Warriors. It is the first National Memorial in the State of Nevada. Michael, his girlfriend Mary, and his youngest son Tyler went to the Dedication the night before at the Texas Station Casino & Hotel and the following day we had the Dedication at the Spring Mountains Visitor Gateway Park on Friday, 29 May 2015. Michael invited his friend Mark Hall-Patton (who is on the TV show Pawn Stars) as his guest to the Dinner and the Dedication. We are all very proud of the “Cold War Memorial” Thank you to everyone both, military and civilian, for helping the USA and its Allies to win the Cold War. Las Vegas, Nevada. 28 & 29 May 2015.
– VFW National Home For Children –
Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Life Member Michael L. Emerson donated money to the VFW National Home For Children and became a Life Member of the VFW National Home organization. The offices of the organization are in Michigan. Since its founded in 1925, the VFW National Home for Children has grown from an old frame farm house to a sprawling campus with playgrounds, park areas, and multiple buildings, including single-family homes, a community center and gymnasium, child care facility, guest lodge, chapel and administrative offices. Over the years, the National Home has evolved to meet the changing needs of America’s military and veterans’ families. Through it all, one thing has remained constant: the National Home’s commitment to honor our nation’s veterans and active-duty military by providing help and hope for their children and families. The VFW National Home for Children serves as a living memorial to America’s veterans by helping our nation’s military and veteran families during difficult times. Website: