2011 Veterans Organization Photos

– VFW Honor Guard at 49ers Football Game –
The VFW Honor Guard from Post 9601
presenting the colors at the NFL 49ers vs
Giants game. The 49ers won the game.
Candlestick Park.
San Francisco, CA
13 November 2011

– Veterans Day –
Veterans, VFW Honor Guard and others at the
Chapel of the Chimes Cemetery during the
Veterans day Remembrance Ceremony.
Hayward, CA
11 November 2011

– VFW Military Display at CV Library –
Michael L. Emerson, Bill Rogers, and Jim Uhlik
setting up the VFW display for the month of
November 2011 at the Castro Valley Library.
Castro Valley, CA
07 November 2011

– Veterans Billboards –
VFW & American Legion members and the
installation of veterans billboards.
They were donated by Clearchannel.
Castro Valley, CA
25 October 2011

– CV Veterans Memorial Speech –
VFW & American Legion member Michael L. Emerson
giving a speech about the Castro Valley
Veterans Memorial and asking for donations.
Hayward, CA
13 September 2011

– CVVM Speech at San Lorenzo Library –
Michael L. Emerson, the designer and builder
of Castro Valley Veterans Memorial
giving speech about and asking for
donations for the Memorial.
25 August 2011

– VFW Honor Guard at A’s Game –
VFW Honor Guard and other Veterans
at Oakland A’s game.
Oakland, CA
20 August 2011

– Coast Guard Ship Tour –
VFW members Michael L. Emerson
and Rick Perkins with some of their
family members talking a tour of the
Coast Guard ship “CGC Waesche” at Coast
Guard Island given by Ensign Zehringer.
Alameda, CA.
25 July 2011

– VFW Yountville, CA Vet Hospital Picnic –
VFW members/volunteers from all over
the State of California sponsoring
the yearly picnic for the resident
veterans at the VA Hospital facility.
Yountville (Napa Valley), CA.
24 July 2011

– CVVM & VFW Dinner –
VFW, Moose Lodge and other Vets groups
having a fund raising dinner, sponsored by
the Castro Valley Moose Lodge, to collect funds
for building the Castro Valley Veterans Memorial.
Castro Valley, CA.
17 July 2011

– 4th of July 2011 Alameda Parade –
VFW & Marine Corps League members
and their families participating
in the City of Alameda Parade.
Alameda, CA.
4 July 2011

– 2ndMARDIV Monument on Tinian –
Veteran Michael L. Emerson after visiting the
WWII battle site on the island of Tinian in the
South Pacific with the help of American
Don Farrell we built a Monument to honor
the 2ndMARDIV. Emerson donated the
granite plaque for the Monument.
The Island of Tinian.
1 July 2011

– Alameda County Fair VFW Volunteers –
VFW Post 9601 members / volunteers
at the County Fair, the post gets paid
for each hour that is volunteered.
Pleasanton, CA.
26 June 2011

– American Legion Presentation –
VFW & American Legion post member
Michael L. Emerson in Stockton, CA.
donating a book of information and photos of
WWI hero Karl E. Ross he is a recipient of
the Distinguished Service Cross at
Flander’s Field, Belgium during WWI. Presented
to the “American Legion Karl Ross Post 16”
Karl E. Ross is a native of Stockton, CA
Stockton, CA.
22 June 2011

– 2011 Veteran of the Year Award –
Post member Michael L. Emerson in Sacramento, CA.
receiving the California State Legislature Assembly
20th District’s: “2011 VETERAN OF THE YEAR” award
from Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski.
Sacramento, CA.
22 June 2011

– 2011 VFW Installation of Officers –
New Post Officers being installed.
Jim Olson’s daughter giving her speech.
Jack Faust showing his Veteran’s Olympics Medals
Castro Valley, CA.
14 June 2011

– 2011 Flight 93 Memorial Day Service –
VFW Post 9601 Honor/Color Guard Posting
Colors during the annual change of Flag
ceremony at the Flight 93 Memorial.
Union City, CA
30 May 2011.

– 2011 Lone Tree Memorial Day Service –
VFW Post 9601 Honor/Color Guard Posting Colors
Post member Michael L. Emerson giving a speech
Lone Tree Cemetery, Hayward Hills, CA.
30 May 2011.

– Buddy Poppies for Memorial Day 2011 –
VFW Comrades doing Buddy Poppies.
Castro Valley, CA.
28 May 2011

– Veterans Event at San Lorenzo Library –
VFW members Michael L. Emerson and
John Duarte participating and presenting
information about local veterans organizations
and upcoming veterans events in the area.
San Lorenzo Neighborhood Community Forum.
San Lorenzo Public Library.
San Lorenzo, CA.
26 May 2011

– Legacy of the NISEI (Japanese) Veterans –
VFW, AmLegion, other Vets groups
and civilians attending an event
honoring these WWII Army Veterans
who served with the 442nd and MIS.
San Leandro Public Library.
San Leandro, CA.
15 May 2011

– Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade 2011 –
VFW Post 9601 members with Friends and Family
in the annual Castro Valley Downtown Parade.
Castro Valley, CA.
14 May 2011

– Rowell Ranch Rodeo Chili Cook-off –
VFW Post 9601 members competing in
the chili cook-off to promote the VFW and
the Castro Valley Veterans Memorial.
Rowell Ranch, Hayward, CA.
13 May 2011

– Spc Medic Jameson Lindskog –
VFW, American Legion, and other veterans
groups and civilians attending a
ceremony to honor and remember
Army Spc Medic Jameson Lindskog (KIA).
Pleasanton, CA.
30 April 2011

– American Legion Riders BBQ –
Members of the Northern Calif Districts
of the American Legion Riders, hosting a
BBQ for the veterans at the Livermore VA.
Livermore, CA.
30 April 2011

– Historical Tour of Saipan, Tinian and Guam –
VFW District 14 Vice Commander Michael L. Emerson on a military tour of
the WWII Battle Islands of Saipan, Tinian, and Guam. Also pictured are
twelve IWO JIMA veterans that were also on the tour.
8 – 16 March 2011

– VFW State Commander’s Dinner –
VFW members and their guests having a dinner
at the Castro Valley Moose Lodge to honor the
VFW State/Dept Commander Denis Wells and State
President of the Ladies Auxiliary Judy Jones.
Castro Valley, CA.
26 Feb 2011

– VFW District 14 Meeting –
VFW members conducting their District 14 meeting
at the San Francisco Veterans War Memorial.
With special guests State Commander Denis Wells
and State President of the Ladies Auxiliary Judy Jones.
San Francisco, CA.
26 Feb 2011

– VFW & AmLegion Color Guard at CSUEB –
VFW & American Legion Color Guard, VA Administrators, and fellow Veterans who are students at California State University East Bay. All participating in the Student Veterans Organization’s (SVO) Veterans event at CSUEB. Hayward, CA. 17 February 2011
– VFW & AmLegion CSUEB Homecoming Parade –
VFW & AmLegion Color Guard and also fellow Veterans who are students at California State University East Bay. Participating in CSUEB’s Parade. Hayward, CA. 3 February 2011
– CVVM Committee discussing CVVM Posters –
CVVM Committee members discussing the new Posters we are going to place at Castro Valley businesses and other details about the Memorial. Hayward, CA. 3 February 2011
– Jim Law Funeral, VFW Post 9601 Member –
VFW Honor Guard and other VFW members participating and attending Jim’s funeral. Jim was a Charter member of VFW Post 9601. At First Presbyterian Church. Castro Valley, CA. 18 Jan 2011