2013 Veterans Organization Photos

– Concrete Brick Pavers for the Memorial –
Memorial Designer and Build Mgr. Michael L. Emerson holding in the first photo one of the 1,150 Jumbo brick pavers being stored at Art Monument Co., and in the second photo one of the 1, 550 Large brick pavers being stored at Bras & Mattos Monument Co. both in Hayward, California. All of the concrete brick pavers were donated by owner Doug Knudson of Clarks U-Save Rockery located in Hayward, California. Friday, 6 Dec 2013.
-AMVETS Awards Meeting-
American Veterans giving awards to Miguel Alvarez and Maurice Rowland to thank them for their Humanitarian actions in not abandoning the elderly patients in the nursing home they worked at when it was shut down and all of the rest of the staff abandoned them. Hayward Veterans Memorial Building Hayward, California Thursday, 7 Nov 2013
-VFW Display at the Castro Valley Library-
VFW members Michael, Jim, Gary and Chuck setting up the yearly military display. The VFW does the display every November. Castro Valley Library, California Monday, 4 November 2013
-Veterans Parade Pleasanton, Calif-
AMVETS Post Commander Michael L. Emerson of AMVETS Hayward Post 911 in the Parade with AMVETS Concord Post 26 during the Parade. Michael inside a Vietnam era HUEY. Pleasanton, California Sunday, 3 Nov 2013
-Installing the Hayward 9/11 Memorial Billboards-
Photos of Dennis Waespi (hat), Larry Lepore (lavender shirt), Michael L. Emerson (red, white & blue shirt), Michael Lawson (white shirt) and two City of Hayward maintenance workers (yellow vests) installing the two Hayward 9/11 Billboards at the future Memorial site. The billboards were donated by Prismatic Signs located in Milpitas, California. Corner of Mission Blvd and D Street in Hayward, California Wednesday, 30 Oct 2013
-VFW Honor Guard at 49ers Game-
Veterans of Foreign Wars Honor Guard at the SF 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals game (49ers won 32-20). Mickey Ganitch (Hawaii shirt), Kasey Warner (Navy Uniform), Leroy Milam (VFW uniform-white-with rifle), Earl Riveira (VFW uniform-latino-with rifle), Michael L. Emerson (VFW uniform-white-California flag) and Nickolas Emerson, (Michael’s son-young man). Last season at Candlestick Park. San Francisco, California 13 October 2013
-Signing The Memorandum Of Understanding-
Photo #1: Asst City Mgr. Kelly McAdoo and memorial founder, designer and build mgr. Michael L. Emerson signing the MOU agreement. Photo #2: Hayward City Mayor Michael Sweene (holding the MOU) shaking hands with Michael L. Emerson. Also pictured is Greg Jones, a city council member, and Kelly McAdoo. Hayward City Hall in Hayward, CA Wednesday, 4 Sept 2013
– American Veteran Magazine / Fall 2013 –
Article pertaining to Michael L. Emerson serving as guardian during an Honor Flight from 19-21, April 2013
– 2013 Wheelchair Regatta –
Marine Corps veteran Michael L. Emerson with his son Nick volunteering at the Annual Wheelchair Regatta event for handicapped & older veterans. Michael also with Oakland Raider-ettes. Alameda, California Saturday, 28 September 2013
-Saluting Military Recruits 1st Annual Event-

Founder and Chairman Michael L. Emerson putting on an event to congratulate and thank new military recruits from the SF Bay Area for joining the military. We had a total of 193 people at the event, which included 60 recruits, about 25 recruiters, also family members, guests and military veterans. We gave each recruit a t-shirt and Certificate of Appreciation. A special thank you to all of our donors. It was held at the Castro Valley Center for the Arts.
Castro Valley, California – 2 June 2013

-American Legion Picnic at Livermore VA-
American Legion members and volunteers having a picnic for the veteran residents at the Livermore VA hospital. Michael L. Emerson helping to serve. Livermore, California 18 May 2013
-American Legion National Magazine Article-
Article & Photos of various Memorials that Michael L. Emerson has been and is a part of the designing and building of around the Country. Michael is an American Legion life member. May 2013 issue
-Henry Keyser Legion of Honor Medal Ceremony-
Henry Keyser, U.S. Army, WWII, receiving the French Legion of Honor Medal that makes him a French Knight called a “Chevalier.” It was given to him for his service in France during WWII. Michael L. Emerson (pictured) was the person who told Henry about this medal and helped him fill out the official paperwork, so Henry could receive the Medal at the French Consulate’s Residence in San Francisco, CA 8 May 2013
-Hayward Planning Commission-
Michael L. Emerson meeting with the Hayward City Planning Commission, asking them for their support and recommendation for the Design and Location of the Memorial to the Hayward City Council. They DID approve it and sent it to the City Council. Hayward, CA Thursday, 25 April 2013
-Honor Flight Northern California-
Michael L. Emerson volunteered as a “Guardian” to Help bring and take care of 28 NorCal veterans from WWII to visit Washington, DC and it’s Memorials and Monuments such as: WWII, Korean, Marine Corps, Navy, AirForce, Arlington Cemetery, and Lincoln. From San Francisco, CA to Washington, DC and back. 19-21 April 2013
-Hayward City Staff Meeting-
David Rizk, Lauren Sugayan, Eric Vollmer and Michael L. Emerson going over information about building the Hayward 9/11 Memorial Hayward, CA Thursday, 18 April 2013
-Dedication of Army Lt. Kenneth M. Ballard Memorial Post Office-
Family, Friends, and Veterans participating in the renaming dedication ceremony of the Lt. Kenneth M. Ballard Memorial Post Office. He was KIA in Iraq on Memorial Day, 30 May 2004 Mountain View, California 13 April 2013
-Veteran Event on Panama Carnival Cruise-
Veterans, Family & Friends participating in a veterans remembrance ceremony during a 15 day cruise on the Carnival “Miracle” cruise ship from NYC to California through the Panama Canal. We had over 200 people attend. Pacific Ocean, Earth 28 March 2013
-CSU, East Bay 2013 Home Coming Parade-
Veterans, Students and Friends participating in the Universities 2013 Home Coming Parade. Local Coast Guard was the Honor Guard. Hayward, California 08 February 2013