2014 Veterans Organization Photos

– American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial –

Michael L. Emerson with his girlfriend Mary and his youngest son Tyler (photo #3) where invited to Washington, DC to the Dedication of the Memorial. Michael is a disabled for life Marine Corps veteran. Michael also has personally donated to the Memorial and has supported building the Memorial for many years. Michael also got a chance to meet AMVETS National Commander Larry Via (photo #4), VFW National Commander John Stroud (photo #5) and DAV National Commander Ronald Hope (left side photo #6) at the dedication. Michael and Tyler also got a chance to meet actor/singer Gary Sinise “Lt. Dan” from the movie Forrest Gump, who was the spokesman for the Memorial (photo #7). President Obama also spoke (photo #8). It was a beautiful day. Washington, DC. Sunday, 5 Oct 2014.

Hayward 9/11 Memorial supporters participated in our first official public awareness and fundraiser event.   The Mayor and all of the City Council and some Staff members of the City of Hayward attended and participated.  We also had several other local politicians and community leaders attend.  The AMVETS Hayward Post 911 Honor Guard posted the colors and other AMVETS members also attended.  And very importantly many local citizens also attended and participated. We collected $2,650 in donations that night, and a local business person matched the donations for a total of $5,300.  We have already collected about 75% of the needed funds and materials, but we still need about $50,000 more.  Hayward, California.  Thursday, 11 Sept 2014.  
Hayward 9/11 Memorial supporters participating in the Hayward Street Fair to help inform the public that donations are still needed for the Hayward 9/11 Memorial.   We want to specially thank the City Council of Hayward for donating and paying for the booth, and the City Attorney Michael Lawson for helping us with the insurance on the booth.  Also thank you to Dennis Waespi, Larry Lepore and Mary Greenlee for their support in manning the booth.  In addition, thank you to AMVETS Post 911 members/veterans for manning the booth:  John White, Rick Perkins, Steven Johnson and Michael L. Emerson.   Location of the event was in downtown Hayward on B Street.  Thursday, 17 July 2014.    
– 2014 Veteran of the Year Award –
AMVETS Hayward Post 911 Commander Michael L. Emerson was selected by Assembly Member Bill Quirk to receive the California State Legislature 20th District Assembly’s: “2014 VETERAN OF THE YEAR” award, both of Michael’s sons Nick and Tyler also attended. This is the second time Michael has received this award/honor, in 2011 Michael was selected by 20th District Assembly Member Bob Wieckowski for the: “2011 VETERAN OF THE YEAR.” An awards luncheon was held at the California State Capital in Sacramento, California on Wednesday, 25 June 2014.
-Marines’ Memorial Association-Iwo Jima Luncheon-
AMVETS Hayward Post 911 Commander Michael L. Emerson and Post 911 member Chuck Kadlecek – who is a Marine Corps Survivor of Iwo Jima, with the luncheon’s guest speaker Marine Corps Colonel Jeffrey Tuggle of the 23rd Marines (3rd picture). Iwo Jima Suvivor Ray Manning (4th picture). Iwo Jima Survivor Edgar Fulwider (5th picture). Iwo Jima Survivor William Clark (6th picture) The luncheon was at the Marines Memorial Club & Hotel in San Francisco, California to commemorate the 69th Anniversary of the Iwo Jima Battle. There was a total of 17 Iwo Jima Survivors at the event (2nd picture). Thursday, 27 Feb 2014.
-American Legion National Magazine Article-

Article about the “National Desert Storm War Memorial” in the February 2014 issue of the “Legion” magazine. The article is about the Memorial and how Michael L. Emerson is helping with it’s size, aesthetics and location. Since Michael is a Desert Storm veteran he is honored to donate his time and help to design and build the Memorial which will be built in Washington, D.C.